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XMM/HL Fan Fiction

  • I Drove All Night -
    • Rating: NC-17 for Sexual Activity, Language, and is AU.
    • Pairing: Rogue/Marie -Adam Pierson/Methos
    • Characters: Prof. Charles Xavier, Scott, Kitty, and Jubilee. Jean Grey appears but doesn't say much.  
    • Feedback: Yes, please go to the Feedback Forum on the site.
    • Time: Set after X1 but before X2.
    • Locations: Westchester, NY.,  Seacouver, WA., Owen Sound (Somewhere in Canada), New Zealand, Australia, and Bora, Bora more to come.
    • Summary: Rogue got tired of waiting for Logan to return. She grew up, found control, and someone special, a certain cynical and sarcastic, beer loving, old man in Seacouver, WA.
    • Author's Note: This is just for kicks and I have promised my Logan/Wolverine Muses that my Marie/Rogue Muses won't leave for good. Enjoy!


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