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Put up You're Still You Chapter 1.
Created Hyperlinks.
Changed email address on Feedback Page.
Updated the Movie Fan Fiction Page.
Put up Your Everything Titles.
Created File Folder For You're Still You.
Put up Want To Be With You Chapter 1.
Created Hyperlinks.
Took down Adam & Gypsy for editing.
Created Folder for Empress Cheshire Kitten Tales.
Put up the Empress Tales Episodes 1 and 2.
Hyperlinked all the new pages.
Put up picture of the Empress Cheshire Kitten. It's a picture of a cat from Webshots, but it's adorable and I had to use it.
Fixed Links to My Confession to lead back to the index.
Created Folder for Methos/Duncan Fiction.
Changed email address on Feedback Page.
Created Lyrics Page for Islands In The Stream.
Put up Islands In The Stream in the Duncan & Methos Series Fiction Section.
Hyperlinked The Lyrics Page and Chapter 1 of Islands In The Stream.
Took down Message in a bottle because I changed the original file.
Created Lyrics Page for Want To Be With You for the Duncan/Tessa Series and hyper-linked it to the Duncan/Tessa Index.
Fixed some of the other Lyrics pages.
Took down listings for fandoms on the Homepage for...
First Knight, Gladiator, HL/JAG, HL/KL, HL/TR, Inspector Lynley Mysteries, JAG/HL, Kate & Leopold, Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Pretty Woman, Queen Of Swords, Swordfish, The Mummy Returns, Tracker, and TR/HL.

Took down listings in TV Fan Fiction from...
Deleted pages for QOS and Tracker.
Deleted Inspector Lynley Mysteries.

The Highlander: The Series category...
Alexa Bond Fiction, Amanda Montrose Fiction, Darius Fiction, Joe Dawson Fiction, Richie Ryan Fiction, and Tessa Noel Fiction.

The JAG category...
My Big Phat JAG Reception, Sailing Away, Freedom's Children, and Happily Ever After.

Took down listings in Movie Fan Fiction for...
First Knight, Gladiator, Kate & Leopold, Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Pretty Woman, Swordfish, and The Mummy Returns.

Took down listings in Crossovers from...
The HL/JAG Fan Fiction category...
Adam's Rib, Boy Scout's Honor, and Bora, Bora Here I Come.
The HL/K&L Fan Fiction category...
Familiarity Breeds Contempt.
The JAG/HL Fan Fiction category...
Lost In Paradise, Mac's Secret, Harm's Secret, and Found In Paradise.
The XMM/HL Fan Fiction category...

The fandoms that remain are there because there is fiction definitely on the way. I have ideas for more stories for the taken down categories, I just don't have the time to write them all at once. So don't fear, they will reappear.
Put up Chapter 1 of Message In A Bottle to the Adam and Beth Series, fixed some hyper-links, created details page for Message In A Bottle.
Put up Chapter 4 Wandering Gypsy Rose to Adam and Gypsy.
Put up Chapter 3 to Wandering Gypsy Rose to Adam and Gypsy.
Put up My Confession to the Adam Pierson-Methos Fiction Index.
Created Updates page and hyper-linked it.
Put up Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Santa Baby.