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If you have come to the site and notice the listing is shorter than your previous visit, it is because I have made some changes. Please go to the Updates Page in the menu on the left for the changes I've made!


Welcome to Loco 4 Fan Fiction!

This is a place for readers crazy about my Fan Fiction.

This site has adult rated fan fiction. It is mostly heterosexual and some m/m slash. This site is for adults 21 and over.

This site hosts regular Fan Fiction as well as Crossovers for...  

  • The Haunted Mansion Movie
  • Highlander: The Series 
  • JAG 
  • X-Men Movie  
    • XMM 1
    • XMM/HL 



HL = Highlander,
JAG = Judge Advocate General,
K&L = Kate & Leopold,
QOS = Queen Of Swords, 
TR = Tracker,
XMM = X-Men Movie.



For now this is my disclaimer, I am not making any money off of the characters from these characters, nor any money from the songs used in creating these works. I don't own the characters, I'm just borrowing them. This is just for enjoyment and my fans. Too bad I have to return the characters at the end of the night... Still wondering why they come back in the middle of the night. Must be the fun they're having.


And last but not least...

This site is dedicated to my sisters at TAG, DFW, APIPC, MBB, MFW-MDL, HLRR, HLRR-Chat, and HL Girl. Most of all I would like to thank my Princess Goddesses In Training, Talisa and Gypsy, and my newest dear friend Winter for guiding me to Vox Populli and helping me get off the ground.

Web Mistress Lo.

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